1. Why join Kang Qi?

In today's day-to-day competition in the home appliance industry, enterprise stability and product stability are the most important options for distributors. Since its establishment in 1998, Kangqi Electric has been developing steadily, focusing on the home appliance industry for nearly 20 years.

2. What can joining Kangqi bring you?

1. Serious product homogeneity in the industry, and marginal product profits. Only by providing differentiated products and providing value-added products can dealers get rich profits. Kangqi Electric invests nearly 2 million yuan in new products every year and has 1-2 differentiated and functional products with core selling points every year. Target market.

2. The threshold for joining is low. The first batch of investment is 50,000 to 100,000, that is, authorized prefecture-level agents, and strict regional protection is implemented during the cooperation period, so that the dealers' profits are fully guaranteed.

3. Cooperation with well-known brands allows dealers to quickly occupy the local market through brand awareness in the short term. Currently, well-known brands include "Changling", "Yangzi" and "Duckling" to provide in-depth cooperation.

4. Provide highly cost-effective products. We have been specializing in manufacturing washing machines for nearly 15 years. The manufacturing process is mature, the quality is stable, and the production scale is large. Therefore, we have a strong advantage in terms of production cost and can provide dealers with competitive products to occupy the local market.

5. According to the wishes of customers, newly-joined agency companies can send people to follow the guidance throughout the process, and cooperate with distributors to hold local sales promotion meetings.

6. The product after-sales contract signed "China Shenzhou UNPROFOR" allows dealers to worry-free operation.

3. Joining contact information

Telephone: 0574-63753335 Mobile: 13567400022

4. Recruitment

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